Warehouse with Wood and working machines

Our Warehouse and Recycling

We have quite the process going on in our warehouse at GDU. We have everything from wood, metal rails, old doors, you name it and the supplies we store are endless at Garage Doors Unlimited.

All our custom wood doors are made in-house and we keep plenty of wood and metal rail supplies on hand:

All our custom-wood garage doors are weighed and measured to really make sure our pieces are exact for your home:


This crazy situation above is our door specialists hard at work making sure all the pieces to this gate are accurately made.

We have an amazing welder on staff that makes all our gorgeous metal gates and metal frames to our products. Here is a little snippet of what he’s creating:Metal Frame of a pedestrian gate being built

We are also very eco-friendly at GDU and donate our one-piece doors we collect our jobs.

Here we have a wooden door that will be sent to Mexico to be  re-purposed for building homes and what not:

One-Piece wood garage door ready for recycling

Other unused material gets sent along with these wood doors to help projects across the border.

Our warehouse and offices are growing at GDU in Poway! If you need suggestions or have questions about a new garage door, stop by our office: 13200 Kirkham Way, Suite 102, Poway, CA 92064 and visit our website: garagedoorsunlimited


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