Rockin Baja: After GDU Windows

GDU has been working really hard to bring you some new content and improved elements in the next few weeks!

We are back and ready to bring you fresh content and a revamp of our current look!

Rockin Baja Lobster got a new look with our awning windows and helped the restaurant adapt natural light better.



Garage Doors Unlimited added these vertical lift windows to the dining area! The windows are on a vertical track that gives them an up and down range of motion. Adjusting the openings for air flow and light is an easy step.

Main windows inside of rockin baja

These windows are crisp and clean and add a casual and inviting ambiance to a dining room.

Rockin Baja: After GDU Windows

These are an outside street view look at our vertical lift windows.

If you have questions or need more info on how to get these windows, Contact our office:

858-668-0934, comment on this post with your email, or send us a direct email at




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